The East Central Indiana Chamber Orchestra (ECICO) brings together a diverse group of players from different ages, races, and nationalities to present free concerts of good music from the baroque period to the modern era. We have presented concerts in the inner city, in rural areas in East Central Indiana and in retirement homes. From its origin more than twenty years ago (when the organization was known as the Sinfonietta) to the present, the organization has provided free concerts to citizens whose finances may not stretch far enough to cover attending musical events.

One very important outcome is that students perform with adult players whose occupation is different from music, but who enjoy making music with others. These students observe adults who have continued their musical performance interest past their high school years. The students have an opportunity to perform with a group that is not associated with Ball State University. At the same time, the older players in the ECICO have an opportunity to enjoy making music with the younger generation. We learn from each other, and we all benefit the community.



Prospective new members should contact us at or via our Contact Us page on this website.

We prefer some prior chamber music and/or orchestral playing experience, but we understand that such opportunities aren't always available. Once you express an interest in joining us, it may be possible that a short, informal audition will be necessary to confirm that we are a good "fit" for one another. Don't worry, though, this is not a high-pressure situation, we just want to make sure that we are all able to take the same journey together.

ECICO Board of Directors

Van Nelson, president 

Ross Van Ness, secretary

Jean Amman, treasurer

Kathy Jo Carter, co-treasurer

David Blakley

Janet Burkhart

Dick Grill

Roger Nelson